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Volunteer and Career Opportunities at UCS



UCS is seeking a YouthBuild Youth Developer to be responsible for case management, coordinating support services, placement, and follow-up, working with students to overcome personal and institutional barriers and take responsibility for their actions. This is achieved by building relationships and creating a trusting environment while setting achievable benchmarks and short- and long-term goals.

Qualifications: BSW required, experience working with young adults in developing and achieving goals, knowledge of human services, health, and criminal justice systems in Berks, understanding of the issues facing disenfranchised youth, ability to work as part of a team, minimal supervisory experience, bilingual (Spanish and English) preferred.

Please send resume and cover letter to humanresources@ucswf.org.


Volunteer opportunities are always available here at United Community Services. You can serve as a volunteer in our YouthBuild program. As our youth prepare for the GED, individual tutoring builds on lessons learned in class and propels students towards earning the GED quicker. Also, as AmeriCorps members our students will complete at least 450 hours of community service and you too can work alongside them. Many projects held throughout the year engage members of the community in interacting with our young people as they work to become productive members of the community. Projects have included painting murals, building community gardens, and trail clearing. Or volunteer to follow-up with dislocated workers after a lay-off to make sure they are connecting with community resources, and to see if they need assistance finding employment or filing for unemployment.

YouthBuildContact YouthBuild Program Manager

Rapid Response (dislocated worker assistance)–Contact Micki Reese, RR Coordinator

You can also share your talent by serving on a standing committee. UCS currently has three standing committees in need of new members: 1) Quality, 2) Initiatives, 3) Development. Contact our Executive Director to learn more.

The Quality Committee is responsible for reviewing policies and curricula that relate to our home care agency and training programs. This committee doesn’t require a health care background but knowledge of the field is helpful.

The Initiatives Committee is responsible for being the sounding board for next steps in current programming and new ideas for the future.

The Development Committee is responsible for helping to build the sustainability of the organization by assisting with grant proposals, marketing/branding, and growing financial support for the organization.





United Community Services is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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