Alexus’ Story

Alexus Porter: YouthBuild AmeriCorps Student


I have had a very difficult life so far and I am only 17 years old. I was going through so much at home that I didn’t feel like going to school; I didn’t want other people seeing me stressed out. So I gave up. I felt like teachers at my school were not there for me. I felt like nobody cared about I had to do or about my problems. So why go to school to listen to others or having teachers not there for me? Then I matured and realized, nobody is going to hand me my success. I have to go and put in work, get up, and do my best.

In the summer of 2016, I found YouthBuild. It really caught my eye because it was an amazing opportunity and not only that, it was a second chance! The YouthBuild website said how they help you get your GED and career training such as direct care worker and construction. Also explaining that this program is 6 months and I thought, “wow I can do all of these achievements and still obtain my GED?” So from there, I filled out my application for YouthBuild and got called the very next day!

Checking measurements on the cement board.

I don’t regret joining YouthBuild. I have been involved with this program since July 2016. I’ve learned so many new
things! Made positive friends who actually motivate me and teachers who sincerely care about me. Even our teacher, Ms. Jessica, is not afraid to come knocking on your door to make sure  you’re doing well. I finally can express myself to my teachers and build a bond with them,  and I can honestly say they do everything that they can to help me. Not only have I built a bond with the people at YouthBuild, but they have helped me get my OSHA-10, direct care worker certificate, a stipend, resume, and I am currently working on the my GED now. I have enjoyed doing my community service at schools and tiling floors in Oakbrook.

And this program just really gives back whether its to the students or to the people in our community. YouthBuild really does care. Trust me, if you feel like you just want to give up, or if you feel like you’re stuck and there is nothing else you can do, I’m telling you GO TO YOUTHBUILD! It can change your life.