Rafael’s Story

Rafael Alequin: YouthBuild Graduate


rafaelAfter dropping out of school at sixteen, I became lost. Knowing I wanted to do something, but having no passion for any academic system, I drifted for awhile. I was told about YouthBuild by a family member and decided to give it a chance. I told myself that I would be the best student I could be and apply myself; not knowing that doing so would change my perspective on schooling.

Alongside helping me in many facets of math, reading, and social studies that I lacked, YouthBuild taught that there are teachers out there that care for our success and well being. Even years after we graduate, we can still come back and tell the students just how much YouthBuild has helped us in the past. Now, I did pass the GED and graduate. They taught me well making my math better than I ever could imagine. But I owe passing the test to the relationship I formed with the staff and being motivate to not let them down.

rafael-quote2If I could thank YouthBuild for one last thing, it is for giving me an ambition to work hard and be humble a long the way. And because of that ambition, I have chosen not to settle for less. Its been a few years since I graduated and I’ve only been pushing myself for greatness. I’m happy to say that I am starting college soon, with the goal of becoming a detective. In my long list of people I thank for helping a long the way, YouthBuild is at the top. I will always remember how I entered as a student and how I left a success.